BSA Office

Team Bruno Spaas
Location Maarschalk Gerardstraat 9 B-2000 Antwerp
Year 2018-2019
Contractor MCM Bouw
Product Tilly (Natural Wood Panels)

The studio and office is located in the city centre of Antwerp. What used to be an engraver’s store and workshop has turned into an architectural studio with plenty of space and light for a comfortable and open working environment. The main floor plan and functionalities of the different spaces have largely been kept, positioning the most public room, the meeting room and library, towards the street. With big windows between all the rooms, from the street to the very back, the interior and work activities are held visible. A former closed off corridor dividing the offices and the workshop at the back has been brought to light and now serves as a luminous central patio and green space. Grand skylights arches over the workshop where model making and material testing are carried out.

Instead of touching the shell and structure of the space to create a sense of wholeness, a common thread has been developed by designing custom furniture which speak the same language. All made by wooden panels with repeated shapes and angles, stools, chairs, tables and shelving systems define an entirety and bring the interior together.